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The Perfect Placemat

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Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

How many times have I looked in the attic for my holiday placemats and found one too few or too many with stains?

I specifically designed these placemats to eliminate my need to find and washcloth placemats for dinner parties and family holidays. But not add to the garbage mountains of the world.

These are not laminated placemats. I use recycled paper that is also compostable after use. The paper is very absorbent. I've spilled a whole glass of wine on one and it sopped most of it up. But if you have "neat" guests, you can reuse these several times. They come in sets of 12 - enough for a big dinner party or several family events.

You now have many choices for placemats for holidays and every day, with no need to wash and store them.

My Perfect Placemats are "oversized" at 12"x18" so you can use them for formal events. All images are mine, either my artwork for photographic composition. The print quality is superb.

Set of 12, Beautiful, Elegant Placemats for All Occasions. Recyclable, Compostable, Always Clean, and Ready. Each set comes with one resealable plastic bag. Safe, recyclable material.